The Secret Of Sexual Charisma Is The Best Kept Secret Of All Time   

By Yangki Christine Akiteng, Love Doctor 


I don’t know how you celebrate the Christmas holidays, but I celebrate it dancing. My boyfriend (who I also call my Stedman, you know like Oprah) and I took a friend who had accompanied "Stedman" from Eastern Europe to our “African music” favourite hideaway.

When we arrived, the crowded small stage was full of glistening bodies, of all races and colours gyrating rhythmically - and wildly. I was dancing away when I noticed that our Eastern European friend was not dancing but just standing there dumb struck. I followed her eyes to see what had her looking like a mesmerized statute. That's when I noticed him too. It seems all the eyes, men and women alike were fixed on one particular guy who was gyrating so fast and so powerfully that for a moment, you might have thought he could have been battery powered. My friend leaned over and excitedly whispered in my ear “If he can work it like that on stage, I wonder what he can do in the bedroom”.

I smiled and whispered back “It’s not called sexual energy for nothing.”

But my friend’s comment got me thinking. Our generation is right now so hung up on looking sexy, feeling sexy and of course delivering “power performances” in the bedroom. We spend so much money on plastic surgery, designer clothes and the gym. We also spend so much time peering though sex manuals, mastering seduction techniques and on pornographic scavenger hunts. But ironically we are not looking any “sexier” just more plastic. We are not getting any more “sexually charismatic” just more manipulative. Our bedroom performances are not getting “better” just more mechanical. And our lives are not getting any “happier” just more empty.

This is what I know. Today’s modern man and woman has yet to understand that sexual energy is the essence of sexual charisma and not all the other superficial, manipulative mechanical stuff. By simply giving yourself the permission to generate enough sexual energy without being embarrassed, ashamed or consumed by it you can have the sexual charisma that is yet beyond your wildest imagination.

While we may not have much control over the kind of body, nose, lips, eye color or height handed down to us by genetics, we can learn to charge our entire bodies with sexual energy and achieve the same (or even higher) level of sex appeal as those who got it (figuratively and literally) from the genes.

Try giving yourself the permission to generate “pure sexual energy” one that is not attached to or distracted by a judge-mental attitude, inhibitions, neediness, insecurities, anger, long-simmering resentments, emotional wounds, memories of painful humiliations, confusions, jealousies, fears of inadequacy, rejection or failure, distrust, control and conflict, self-doubt, confusion and shame and watch how people suddenly notice you in a different light.