Why You Have Charisma But Still Have Difficulty Connecting On A Romantic Or Sexual Level  

By Yangki Christine Akiteng, Love Doctor 


There are some people who have the right looks, clothes, moves, presence and personal magnetism but lack that energy that provides the sexual spark. They have great looks, all the money and all the personal charisma in the world but all you want to do is sleep with their looks, money and power or ability to influence others but not with the person – if you could separate them from their looks, money or persuasive power.

Despite all the hype about charisma there is a big difference between a man or woman who radiates personal charisma and one who radiates sexual charisma.

People with charisma, magnetism or the “It Factor” have three things in common:

1. They have a very strong, unique and interesting identity that is easily conveyed to other people with little explanation. They walk into a room and you suddenly feel that you are in the presence of someone different.

2. They are able to communicate their unique identity in ways that others understand and appreciate it. They have excellent social skills that enable them express themselves and as a result are seen as icons or symbols of something.

3. They make other people feel good about themselves and this makes people want to be around them.

But that is where the similarities stop. While most personally magnetic people may go ahead to become “popular” (appear on TV, lead crowds, have lots of friends etc) people with sexual charisma are not necessarily popular, or persuasively influential.

Sexually charismatic people have a different kind of air or confidence about them that makes the opposite sex want to connect with them romantically and sexually. They communicate that “I am confident as a sexual being” and also communicate “I want to be sexual with you” in ways that inspire a deep primal reaction and generate a sort of "buzz" of sexual energy inside of the opposite sex. This is what makes them sexually charismatic!

Their particular brand of hypnotic quality makes the opposite sex enthusiastically seek them out, want to interact with them and want to sleep with them even without the great looks, money or influence. Their ability to be intellectually stimulating one time, tender and affectionate another time, and playful and passionate another time stirs intense emotions and desires, and makes the opposite sex feel special, interesting, fascinating and connected to them a unique primal way.

If you have the dynamic personal charisma and best communication skills but to the opposite sex you only come across as “nice’ or “good friend” “fun to hang out with” or “social contact” but someone not thought of in a sexual way - “fit for the bedroom” or “want to marry” then you should consider upping your sexual charisma. Personal magnetism is just not enough.

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