10 Signs You Are Ready To Date Him/Her Exclusively

By Yangki Christine Akiteng, Love Doctor 


You like him/her so much and he/she likes you. The two of you seem content and happy together, should you try to make it a little more “exclusive” and how do you know if you are ready to make that leap?

1. You have experienced dating dozens of people and are ready to date one "special person" - and something inside you says "he/she's special". Not “perfect” but “special”.

2. You have a real clear vision and definition of where each is coming from and wants to go.

3. You’ve had your first fight and you both know how nasty the other can be – sometimes – and the relationship has grown even stronger as a result. If you can’t get past what you fought about going exclusive is like putting a huge piece of wood over a fire that has not died out yet.

4. You know deep in your heart that you can trust him/her and are not constantly worried about what he/she's doing or who he/she's with. Your wanting to be exclusive should not be because you can't stand the thought of sharing him/her. If your intentions come from feelings of insecurity and possessiveness, chances are – without exception- your relationship will become intense and unstable with a painful breakup down the line.

5. You see a really cute woman/guy and you think of how much you love the man/woman you are dating. It does not mean you’ll never find others attractive, it just means your emotions are invested elsewhere.

6. Your and his/her friends all know that you are seeing each other.

7. You’ve had an open and honest discussion about dating other people, lunch with an ex, chatting on line, going out dancing with friends etc.

8. You don't sit by the phone waiting for him/her to call because you have a strong support network of friends, family and community.

9. You feel secure within yourself, with him/her and in the relationship. All relationships have some degree of doubt in there - you know when you are more sure than doubtful - most of the time.

10. You honestly believe there might be a chance of something more serious and lasting.

Hopefully you both will know if you want to be exclusive and/or both of you come to the decision together. But if you are ready to move into exclusivity and he doesn't make a move or she doesn't seem to be thinking about it even after you’ve dated for at least 6 months, my article -
4 Ways Of Finding Out He/She Wants To Be Exclusive has some very useful tips for approaching the situation.